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quietearth [Celluloid 09.01.09] movie news horror

Back in July of last year we reported that horror maestro Dante Tomaselli was casting for his next feature, Torture Chamber and then heard nothing after. We thought he was going to be The Ocean which has been in development, but according to this interview with The Cathode Ray Mission, Tomaselli says that "I'm on the brink of shooting the film. It should be finished and ready for release some time next year." Here's the rundown:

Torture Chamber is about a 13-year-old boy possessed by unspeakable evil. It's probably the first serious independent horror film in a long time that's in the vein of The Exorcist. The demon is called Baalberith, which, if you believe in demonology, tempts its host to blasphemy and murder," he told the site. "Jimmy Morgan is a pyromaniac, horribly disfigured from experimentation with drugs. This Catholic boy's family is crawling with religious fanatics. His mother believes he was sent from the Devil to set the world on fire. His older brother is a priest who tries to exorcise him. When Jimmy murders his own father, he burns him to death. Because of this, the troubled boy is sent to an Institution for disturbed youths. While there, Jimmy has a Charles Manson-like hold on the other kids from the burn unit. Together, they escape and Jimmy finds an old abandoned castle for shelter. That's where the burned kids find a secret passage way that leads to a medieval, cobwebbed torture chamber.

If you haven't checked out Tomaselli's 1999 film Desecration, we highly recommend it. It's a throwback to old school horror with a great feel. You can watch a clip and trailer for it after the break. Thanks to for the heads up.

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Mistress_Lola (10 years ago) Reply

I realize that this is an old post, but what the hell is going on with this movie??? This is pretty much the most recent news I could find. There's nothing posted on his own website or Myspace page, and even the IMDB link for Torture Chamber which used to be there is now gone; same with The Ocean. Are these movies still being made or what? I'm dying to see Torture Chamber and I really want to know what's going on!

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