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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 09.01.09] movie news scifi horror fantasy

The greatest genre film festival in the world has just announced it's partial 2009 lineup and so far it's a doozy.

The festival's "Discovery" section has always been its signature and this year is no exception with three Quiet Earth favorites topping the list. Pater Sparrow's hypnotic Steinslaw Lem adaption, 1 (review) is playing (which we actually knew but weren't allowed to report) along with micro-budget zombie stunner Colin (review), and the experimental French film Amer.

Full list after the break!

The in-competition NV Ficció Section:

- Independencia by Raya Martin

- Nymph by Pen-ek Ratanaruang

- Morphia by Sergei Balabanov

- The Forbidden Door by Joko Anwar

- Bronson by Nicolas Refn

- White Lightnin' by Dominic Murphy

- The House of the Devil by Ti West

Pontypool by Bruce MacDonald

- Van Diemen's land by Jonathan Auf Der Heide

The NV No Ficció Section:

- Son & Moon. Diario de un astronauta by Manuel Huerga

- Best Worst Movie by Michael Stephenson

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