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quietearth [Celluloid 09.06.09] Spain movie news scifi action thriller

Sorry ladies, if you're looking for a serious scifi take on feminism, you won't find it here. Instead, check out Die Wand.

Out of Spain and based on a short film called 2038: The Future of Them, this already in production feature is a mixture of scifi, action, and thriller, but the people behind it have been quick to point out "this is not a remake or sequel to the short, but a re-imaganing". Honestly, that's good because the short doesn't look so hot. But still, with the clearly dystopic subject matter and possibilities here, you know we've got to report on it. It's slated for 2011.

Translated synopsis:
In a future where women rule the world, the world's most dangerous assassin, Michaela Tomasi, is hired by a mysterious organization to assassinate the president of the European Government. The police officer Lara Cabel, along with his partner Mila Briere, are selected for the dangerous task of arresting Michaela. But nothing is as it seems because the political conspiracy to undermine the President has a range that reaches to the depths of the Government.

More as it comes! Another great find by the Avery Mining Corp.

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RUBENARNAIZ (12 years ago) Reply

Hello. I'M Ruben Arnaiz, short director.
Thanks for the information.In fact the film has little to do with the short.

Again,thank you!


Aranzazu Diez (12 years ago) Reply

We (me and the other cast) are looking fordward to read the Feature Film script!!


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