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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 09.06.09] Canada movie news scifi horror

Just this week, quietearth posted a lament for the fact that Vincenzo Natali's much anticipated scifi/horror film, Splice (Hybrid in some territories), was getting buried despite it's "wide" release come September 18th. While we unfortunately don't have any new info to contradict this at this time, we are excited that the first review of Splice has appeared online courtesy of our pal Kurt Halfyard at Rowthree... and it's positive!

Here are some pull quotes form the review:

"Vincenzo Natali’s most handsomely crafted film to date."

"The center-piece of the picture, the combination of ‘girl-in-suit,’ make-up, and Greg-Nicotero prosthetics takes the uncanny valley, razes it to the ground and rebuilds its central creature into something simply wonderful."

"...the uncomfortable sexuality of the film (“Tell me about your mother…”). For me: Sweet Bliss."

We've also learned that Splice will have its world premier at this year's Sitges festival so with any luck we'll get more dates a la Moon after it starts to gain attention.

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