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quietearth [Film Festival 09.07.09] movie news

We're just two weeks away from Fantastic Fest and the lineup looks nothing short of "fantastic".. pun intended as I'm on the Jury for this section. What's been added you ask?

The US premier of Lars von Trier's incredible Antichrist (review)
The US premier of Spanish zombie sequel [REC 2]
A sneak preview of Ninja Assassin
A sneak preview of supposed realistic horror Paranormal Activity which has been finally loosed after being hidden by Hollywood for a year or so.

Full list after the break includes shorts!

Antichrist US Premiere
(dir. Lars Von Trier, 2009, Denmark)
Lars Von Trier rocked the Croisette at Cannes this year with his latest beautiful, visceral opus with themes on depression, insanity and arrogance. It's also got talking animals and some truly inspired horror moments.

The Bare Breasted Countess
(dir. Jesus Franco, 1973, France/Belgium)
Jess Franco directs his muse Lina Romay in this surreal story of a beautiful female vampire who consumes the sexual effluvium of her victims.

Crazy Racer US Premiere
(dir. Hao Ning, 2009, China)
Singing and dancing Chinese Supermen, bumbling police investigators, even more bumbling apprentice criminals, double and triple-cross assassination attempts, muay thai gymnastics, triad gangster shootouts, explosions and car chases all collide to form a deliriously intoxicating celluloid cocktail.

Drawn and Quartered: The Fantastic Fest Animated Shorts

Eugenie: Story of Her Journey
(dir. Jesus Franco, 1970, Spain/West Germany)
Jess Franco's tremendously stylish modern dress adaptation of a key Marquis De Sade work follows a teenage girl as she learns the libertine lifestyle from her father's mistress and her depraved half brother.

Groper Train
(dir. Yojiro Takita, 1984, Japan)
2008 Academy Award winner Yojiro Takita's (DEPARTURES) early skeleton in the closet, a pink film that combines French bedroom farce, slapstick humor and softcore sex.

Merantau North American Premiere
(dir. Gareth Evans, 2009, Indonesia)
Indonesia's first martial arts film in roughly fifteen years and quite possibly the first to ever feature a serious treatment of local martial art silat.

Ninja Assassin Sneak Preview
James McTeigue live in person
(dir. James McTeigue, 2009, USA)
Raizo is one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth.

Master Pancake presents Total Recall (dir. Paul Verhoeven, 1990, USA)
In honor of Fantastic Fest, longtime Alamo comedy gods Master Pancake Theatre suck the air out of one of sci-fi's most dated hits, TOTAL RECALL (1990).

Paranormal Activity Sneak Preview
(dir. Oren Peli, 2007, USA)
Critics are unanimously raving, "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is one of the scariest movies of all-time. YOU WILL BE AFFECTED as it's hard to ignore the imprint it leaves on your psyche. Nightmares are guaranteed." - Brad Miska - Bloody Disgusting

REC 2 US Premiere
Javier Botet (the monster) live in person
(dir. Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, 2009, Spain)
In one of the most highly anticipated horror films of the year, the mysterious, rampaging outbreak of [REC] wreaks bloody havoc on the citizens of Madrid.

Short Fuse: Extreme Fantastic Fest Shorts

S&M Hunter
(dir. Shûji Kataoka, 1986, Japan)
A classic Japanese "Pink Film" presented as part of the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz' long-running Weird Wednesday series. The "hero" of S&M HUNTER is a bondage super hero who faces off against a teenage girl gang. Something to offend absolutely everyone.

(dir. Jesus Franco, 1968, West Germany/Spain)
Jess Franco's classic sexploitation/art mash up follows a beautiful woman as she explores her interior dream life amid the intellectual tumult of Europe in the '60s. Fritz Lang describes SUCCUBUS as a "beautiful piece of cinema."

Tokyo Onlypics US Premiere
(dir. various, 2008, Japan)
A truly bizarre spoof on the Olympics that only the Japanese could concoct featuring events such as Mother Tossing, the 1000 Character Texting competition, and the Samurai Call.

Under the Mountain US Premiere
director Jonathan King live in person
(dir. Jonathan King, 2009, New Zealand)
A pair of twins are sent to live with their aunt and uncle after their mother dies in a car accident. They deal with their grief in different ways, interrupting the closeness between them. But they're going to need that bond very badly when they begin to sense danger coming from the decrepit old house across the lake...

Vampire's Assistant Sneak Preview
Stars John C. Reilly, Josh Hutcherson and Chris Massoglia live in person
(dir. Paul Weitz, 2009, USA)
Based on the popular series of books by Darren Shan, The Vampire's Assistant is a fantasy-adventure about a teenager who unknowingly breaks a 200-year-old truce between two warring factions of vampires.

Venus in Furs (dir. Jesus Franco, 1969, UK/West Germany/Italy)
A young jazz musician finds the body of a beautiful woman he saw at a party the previous night washed up on the beach near Istanbul. He thinks back to the mysterious circumstances of the party and the strange people there. Later, in Rio he sees the woman again, and falls in love with her. A kaleidoscope of psychedelic and sexual imagery follows. Based on a plot idea by jazz great Chet Baker.

Fantastic FEst 2009 Shorts,
Third Wave of Fantastic Fest Shorts Announced

Because There Are Things You Never Forget (dir. Lucas Figueroa, Spain-Italy-Argentina, 2008, 12 min)
Let this be a lesson to all you lousy, no-good adults: NEVER mess with kids.

Buddy N' Andy (dir. Shaun Peterson, USA, 2009, 9 min)
A zany blood-spattered butcher and his roommate the talking steak have wild times. Special appearance by Dave Foley!

Cabaret Kadne (dir. Marc Riba & Anna Solanas, Spain, 2008, 5 min)
In a radiation zone, the remaining survivors overcome their failing frames to put on one last big major performance.

Consoul (dir. Lasse Gjertsen, Norway, 2009, 12 min) Nintendo-style!!!

Controlmaster (dir. Run Wrake, UK, 2008, 6 min)
Something terrible happens when a powerful device falls into the hands of scientist-turned-villain Doctor Moire. Who will rescue Halftone City from this gigantic cretin?

Else (dir. Thibault Emin, France, 2007, 17 min)
A bizarre epidemic has people absorbed into their surroundings, and one young couple fights to maintain their identities as the world blends around them.

Hirsute (dir. A.J. Bond, Canada, 2007, 14 min)
A brilliant young scientist is beside himself when he realizes that time travel isn't only possible...but he already mastered it.

Kaboom (dir. PES, USA, 2005, 1 min)
Are you ready for extreme, no-holds-barred warfare?!! No? Then try this instead.

Lili (dir. Riho Unt, Estonia, 2008, 13 min)
One dying soldier, a busted radio, a solitary woman and a dozen rats somehow tell the tale of love lost.

Little Dragon (dir. Bruno Collet, France, 2009, 8 min)
Low adventure explodes when Bruce Lee is reincarnated as an action figure of Bruce Lee.

Maquetas (dir. Carlos Vermut, Spain, 2009, 3 min)
A heart-wrenching exploration of the unfortunate people who stand strong despite their tragedies.

Mint in Box (dir. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, USA, 2009, 7 min)
During a date, a man's obsessive dedication to Star Wars is revealed, sending him on a neurotic meltdown.

The Nail (dir. Benedikt Erlingsson, Iceland, 2008, 15 min)
Kicking off your day with a head wound isn't always such a good idea.

Pigeon Impossible (Lucas Martell, USA, 2009, 6 min)
A secret agent is thwarted by a pigeon's love for bagels in this masterful, Austin-produced animated adventure.

Road to Moloch (dir. Robert Glickert, USA, 2009, 17 min)
Three marines follow a wounded man to a cave that may be the home of evil incarnate.

Die Schneider Krankheit (dir. Javier Chillon, Spain, 2008, 10 min)
The long suppressed, recently unearthed newsreel that blows the lid off the space monkey disease outbreak!

The Stars Don't Twinkle in Outer Space (dir. Peter Thwaites, England, 2008, 10 min)
Two children are trapped in an unknown world...will they be able to escape?

Strates (dir. Yohan Guignard, France-Belgium, 2009, 9 min)
A farmer discovers a very unexpected bounty buried in his soil.

Tile M for Murder (dir. Magnus Holmgren, Sweden, 2008, 8 min)
A seemingly innocent game of Scrabble holds a married couple's fate in its grasp.

Virtual Dating (dir. Katia Oliver, Canada, 2008, 16 min)
Fed up with the dating scene, a young woman purchases a robotic mate and discovers that technology may not be the answer.

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