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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.08.09] Russia movie trailer news scifi thriller

We're still incredibly confused as to what the actual English title of Paul Sanaev's new thriller is, but we were told by a commenter that it was "At the Game" and so that's what we're going to call it until someone tells us different. So anyway, the final trailer for the slightly supernatural and violent action thriller, At the Game, has arrived and it's quite different than the last teaser we reported on. How you ask? Well for one thing it's got more action, more sex and an overt love story attached to it now. We also have a slightly better idea of what the plot is about and it looks like it may involve the supernatural.

When a group of famous gamers are exposed to a new game prototype it turns their video game talents into real life talents. They shoot straighter, drive better and even fight better. However, their new talents get them into danger when they get embroiled in a sea if blackmail and intrigue.

To defeat their foes, the gamers use the technology to create an elite squad of super gamers.

No subs yet folks, but you can dig on the trailer after the break.

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