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quietearth [Film Festival 09.09.09] United Kingdom movie trailer news drama

Adapted from the play called The Pool, David Morrisey makes his feature length directorial debut with this love drama, which hopefully, will follow along with the plays "mixture of verse and prose".

Twentysomething London lad David travels up to Liverpool hoping to track down the girl from last night. After she gives him his marching orders, David finds himself walking the streets of a strange city with only some loose change in his pocket and a head full of nonsense.

Stumbling upon a betting shop, demure sales assistant Tina gives him a hot tip on a dog. As a thank you, David invites Tina out for a coffee and persuades her to throw a sickie from work in exchange for the delights of his company. Tina shows David around Liverpool, with a surprise around every corner and a glint in her eye that hides a secret pain.

As day unfolds into night, romance grows between two young people with very different pasts with music as the food of love.

Clip after the break.

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