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quietearth [Celluloid 09.10.09] Israel movie trailer news drama

There's been talk of an Israeli film set almost entirely in a tank today.. especially by Alex over at Firstshowing, and while I at first discounted it, our friend pokerface over at Cinema Beacon (who will be going back to Israel soon and we're going to be rooting for him to start a new film site there!) pointed the way to the trailer which looks damn fine. He even conjectured it will be Israel's submission to the Oscars and I'd bet he's right.

Description from TIFF website:
It's June of 1982, and four young Israeli soldiers are assigned to operate a single tank. Their first mission is to enter a civilian Lebanese village to clear it of possible PLO terrorists. Something goes horribly wrong, however, and the ensuing panic leads to miscommunication, death, destruction and hostages. All hell breaks loose around these young men as they face the perennial question: kill or be killed?

Lebanon is a sensual film in the dictionary sense of the word. The majority of the action takes place inside the tank, and a hot, sweaty, rusted-out place it is, rank with the odours of men and fear. Maoz is supported by a cast of Israel's finest up-and-coming young actors. He shows us war through the eyes of Yigal (Michael Moshonov, also starring in Bena at the Festival this year), Gamil (Zohar Strauss of Kirot and Eyes Wide Open, both screening at the Festival) and Asi (Itay Tiran of Beaufort). In addition, Yoav Donat plays Maoz as a young gunner. None of these men are heroes, none of them eager to kill or die themselves.

Maoz was a twenty-year-old novice soldier in the initial days of the first Lebanon war. Traumatized by his time in combat, he for years manifested his distress as outbursts of anger and long stretches of depression. It wasn't until 2007 that he felt there might be something to gain, both for himself and others, from creating a fictionalized version of his experiences.

Teaser after the break.

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Edward Norton (10 years ago) Reply

I wonder how much of a pro Israeli bias this will have..

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