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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.15.09] movie trailer news horror

After what seems like years of speculation, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida of Davis Films (Solomon Kane) are set to shoot Silent Hill 2 next year after Resident Evil 4. No word on who is directing the project but it goes without saying that we'd love to see Christophe Gans back on board. While certainly not a flawless film, Gens made the first outing a truly original piece of horror filmmaking. That fog horn still haunts me man.

"The original, based on the Konami game, centered on a woman who travels to a desolate town to seek help for her ailing daughter only to find supernatural occurrences taking place there."

Trailer for Silent Hill after the break (just 'cause).

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hysteria (13 years ago) Reply

Surprisingly I actually really liked the first movie. Set a really good creepy mood. I didn't actually know it was a game at the time.
This could be good.


allen_idaho (13 years ago) Reply

That is great news. Roger Avary is pretty much my favorite screenwriter. I am still holding out hope that his Phantasm 5 script will one day be made as well.


Ben Austwick (13 years ago) Reply

I enjoyed the first one too, thought it did a good job of capturing the atmosphere of the games.


LOTUS EATER (13 years ago) Reply

I hope Jesco White, the dancing outlaw is in silent hill 2, that would be some bad ass shit, hehe.

I also really liked the first silent hill film, granted its not the cats meow but, when that dyke cop was burned alive, I was like, "holy shit". Also the scene where the big monster dude, rips that chicks skin off, ouch.


tommii (13 years ago) Reply

i would love to see a sequel...but i wanna see some more characters returning for silent hill 2,e.g. maria,as a hardcore fan of the series i cannot wait for it :)

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