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quietearth [Film Festival 09.17.09] France movie trailer news drama

While all of us who haven't been able to see Enter the Void eagerly await a trailer and news of a release (directors cut please!), we've got a couple of short clips for you, along with our very own Rick McGrath's review from TIFF.

Enter the Void is about a young man who, after the brutal death of his parents, promises that he will protect his little sister no matter what and who, sensing that he himself is dying, fights desperately to keep his promise. A film where the life of one person is linked to the love he has for another human being.

Two clips after the break!

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Pat (13 years ago) Reply

i love #2. #1 is a bit too short and unrevealing. great retro 80s vibe... cant wait to see this.


rickmcgrath (13 years ago) Reply

hah... neither of these clips give you ANY idea of the fantastic visuals in this zany movie...

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