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quietearth [Celluloid 09.21.09] Mexico movie trailer news scifi fantasy noir

The first feature from director Iyari Werrta which clocks in at 105 minutes, is a fantasy laced noir throwback which, looks utterly stunning, has it's head in the clouds, but it's feet firmly plated on the earth. It has something to do with a "Divine comission", the search for the "black panther", and of course, an alcoholic detective. Clearly, Iyari is one to watch, and with all the talent coming out of Mexico right now (see De día o de noche for one), I'm wondering how much longer it will be before we need a correspondent there.

After 50 years still looking for the death of Pedro Infante says it is still alive, and it hires "Nico", an alcoholic detective, who also has a divine commission.

The director further states:
The movie is called The Black Panther, is the story of a detective who is called Nico, who has two basic jobs, God first asked to find a black panther, as well as he knows the death is asked to look for Pedro Infante because it has not died.

UDPDATE: Thanks to the Avery Mining Corporation we have more details on the story
From what Avery has translated, it seems the film is about God asking detective Nico to find Pedro Infante, the most legendary actor/singer in Mexico's history, and "La Pantera Negra", another famous Mexican actor/singer (real name Antonio Aguilar), who are apparently not among the dead. Pedro Infante was in many old films, and, being famous like Elvis, many fanatics think he is still alive. La Pantera Negra is an homage to film noir, but will also involve aspects of both fantasy and science fiction. Along with the femme fatale and all the other usual elements, there will also be spaceships and aliens.

Trailer after the break.

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There's a new trailer for The Black Panter, you can find it here:



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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Why has the trailor for La Pantera been removed?

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