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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.22.09] Canada movie trailer news horror thriller

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Fear Island originally made headlines last year when it was announced that it would topline Haylie Duff, that older less famous sister to Hilary. While I point that fact out for context, it's not why you're seeing it here. Deep Cove may not be the most original horror film to date (read: teens, spring break, cabin-in-the-woods, revenge killings etc), it's a nifty indie from Canadian production company, Waterfront, so we want to support them.

Five students on spring break meet at a secluded island cabin for a weekend getaway. After a night of music, drinking and getting re-acquainted the five friends are shocked to find the cabin's caretaker murdered and the only boat off the island gone. Stranded on the island they become the prey of a mysterious killer who seems bent on revenge for something the friends have done. They must defend themselves and find their tormentor or face death one by one.

Staring Haylie Duff, Lucy Hale, Kyle Schmid, Aaron Ashmore and Jim Thorburn, Fear Island is set for release in Spring 2010.

Trailer after the break.

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rek (11 years ago) Reply

Strictly by the numbers.


maggiemay (11 years ago) Reply

When is the DVD coming out?


Andri (11 years ago) Reply

DVD release date?


frustradet teen (11 years ago) Reply

i no i didnt spell that rite
but i have been on google for half in hour but WHAT HE HECK HAPPENS IN THE END?!?!?!?1
who is the KILLER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


rbk (10 years ago) Reply

"'s a nifty indie from Canadian production company, Waterfront, so we want to support them." - I can respect that but let's not sugarcoat this, Fear Island was a horrible goreless pg teen slasher flick. The way they framed it with the worst actress in the entire movie - Duff - constantly interrupting the action was brutal.

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