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quietearth [Celluloid 10.02.09] Germany movie trailer news thriller drama crime history

Apparently this film, which is based on the novel by Andrea Maria Schenkel, is another take on the same gruesome murder of an entire family in Hinter Kaifeck, which I didn't care for but our own Hal MacDermot enjoyed. While seemingly a horror, it's really a thriller, and considering the small output of genre films coming out of Germany I'm wondering they've chosen to cover this same subject twice now. Was this re-awakened in the nations consciousness recently?

Some years after the brutal murder of a family on the isolated farm Tannöd Kathrin returns to the place of her childhood. The murderer has still not been found and Kathrin deeper dives into the dark secrets of the village, - until she realizes that the case has much more to do with her, when her love is ...

Trailer after the break.

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