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quietearth [Celluloid 10.06.09] post apocalyptic zombies movie news

MTV is reporting that in a recent talk with World War Z author Max Brooks, he reports that the next script draft will be coming in the next few weeks. The original script, which Brooks loved, was written by Michael Straczynski (our script review here) and more recently, "The Kingdom" writer Matthew Michael Carnahan had been brought in to do... something with the script.

After seeing Zombieland, I can say I'm excited for another big budget zombie flick.. but having Marc Forster (Quantom of Solace) direct? That really doesn't inspire confidence.

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witchman (12 years ago) Reply

Forster jumped ship a while back.


chuck (12 years ago) Reply

I really hope they don't give this one the 'Starship Troopers' treatment. They have the choice of making one of the best horror/sci-fi/social commentary films ever or making another crappy action flick. (fingers crossed)


blackdragon6 (12 years ago) Reply

the fact it's keep getting rewritten bugs me, and the fact that the film is still in a slow creep scares me much more. the film has been in pre-production for 2 damn years least. i'm starting to think this film is creeping into development hell.


Lotus Eater (12 years ago) Reply

Someone needs to drink some hater aid, and I am not talking about the above commentators. I can pour you a glass if you would like? ;-))

Regarding world war z, we can only hope they don't screw it up. Yes, it is bothersome regarding the supposed rewrites, what is motivating this is the question is it just polishing of the gem or is it malevolent injection of the politics of fools which is in reality all too common these days, commie mumbo jumbo flippity flop is what I speak of, just to do away with any confusion on the part of fools, haha.

World War Z is excellent as far as zombie genre media goes. It is a masterpiece!

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