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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 10.12.09] post apocalyptic news interview scifi video

While being interviewed by digitalspy on a press junket for his directorial debut, Exam (which I'm desperate to see), screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine talked briefly about his work writing the in-development adaptation of John Christopher's post-apocalyptic, alien invasion kids series, Tripods, with Alex Proyas.

While the clip is short, it reveals a few interesting bits of positive info regarding the project that's still technically "in development." First off, Hazeldine confirms the screenplay by he an Proyas is done and that there is proper budget negotiations going on with some studio. He also points to Blomkamp's District 9 as a example of what he thinks they can potentially do on a tight budget with the action heavy scifi project. And, of course, he wants the franchise to be a trilogy (but then again, who doesn't have delusions of a trilogy these days?).

It's not much, but it's something folks. With any luck we'll be bringing you much more on this PA project soon.

Interview clip after the break.

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Nic (10 years ago) Reply

Yeah, would love to see this happen, I can't say how many times I read the books, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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