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quietearth [Celluloid 10.13.09] Spain movie trailer news drama

Having played at Locarno (review), this solid looking Spanish indie combines beautiful cinematography with something I've never seen in film before: competition songbirds.

Arnau is a conscientious 17 year-old. His mother is in prison but he doesn’t entirely understand why, he only dreams of getting her out to see summer and the sea. For this, he’s going to need a good lawyer, which means money, something Arnau doesn’t have, nor does his sister, brother or his uncle.

While hoping to earn enough in the meantime at the brasserie where he works, Arnau dedicates himself to his true passion: songbird competitions. Arnau has trained several birds and they could be considered his only friends. He also has a fox, which he rescued after finding it dying in the river. With these companions, Arnau feels prepared to face all that life can throw at him. Especially when his favourite bird becomes the champion of Catalonia. The sky is blue, the trees have not yet been eaten up by the encroaching sprawl of the town and every day is full of promise.

When his uncle informs him that it’s also possible to win a lot of money dog racing, Arnau sees another opportunity to release his mother. But a dark night will teach him that miracles don’t grow on trees and Arnau will be forced to confront a terrible reality…

Trailer after the break.

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