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Christopher Webster [DVD News 10.20.09] movie news dvd

Some decent DVD news today gang. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment is finally giving Logan McMillan's New Zealand made slacker zomedy, Last of the Living, (review) a release here in the Americas so check that out.

One film I've really been waiting to see on the ol' flat screen is Chris Nahon's live action Blood the Last Vampire (review). I can't explain it. It's just one of those films that, despite middling reviews, still beckons me with outrageousness.

Probably the film I'm most looking forward to having kill two of my prescious life hours though is British assassin actioner, The Tournament (review) which comes at us like a bullet from Weinstein Co.

And of course how can we forget Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, the lastest in the decreasingly decent Wrong Turn legacy. Actually scratch that, "Dead End" wasn't bad at all. In fact, Henry Rollins totally made the film awesome.

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