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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.21.09] movie trailer news scifi horror action

Now this is how you tease viewers. Dump them into a particularly tense segment of your film - preferably one that takes place at the apex of a crucial action - and then yank them out as quickly as you brought them in.

That's what first time director Darrin Dickerson does in this first teaser for his mercenary scifi actioner, D4, and it works to make me want to see more. It's mid-budget project, but the acting, photography and sound all look pretty damn good. No this isn't a prequel to District 9 or is it a spin off of District 13. Also, I'm getting a real cool Doom vibe that I hope the film lives up to.

A team of ex-military mercenaries is hired by a wealthy doctor to rescue her kidnapped child from a supposedly abandoned government facility. Once inside, they discover they're not alone, and what was meant to be a simple search and rescue quickly turns into a fight for survival.

D4 stars Eric Berner, Clay Brocker, Darrin Dickerson, Jaimee Gray Simon, Jeff Hime, Ted LeGarde, Vicki Askew, Greg Wilson, Jennifer McReynolds, "Big" Mike Ulm and Laine Dubroc.

Oh, and you have to watch the teaser with sound to get the full effect.

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bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

Why do mercenaries always have to look like they stepped out of the Warmonger Fashion Catalog? One would think professional warriors would, I don't know, be a little practical about what they wear.

That being said, the trailer looks promising.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply



UncleB (13 years ago) Reply



Mike C. (12 years ago) Reply

When the hell is this coming out?

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