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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.28.09] movie news thriller gallery

Regardless of what anyone may tell you, sex is an important part of a relationship. Without it, things get boring and no one wants that. If you did, then you'd be alone right? Right. So what do you do when the spark has fizzled? When there's no gas left in the tank...not even steam? Some move on, others try to salvage the relationship through other means: threesome, therapy and perhaps even a little role playing.

In Jeff Pickett's new film titled Nature, a young couple is going through that exact problem. After a failed attempt to revive their love life via role playing, they decide to give a week long sex-centred camping trip a try. Really, what could be better than a week in nature with nothing but each other to keep you entertained? Sounds like a good plan but things go drastically wrong when the couple encounters a drifter who won't leave them alone – guess a threesome is out of the question?

Unlike Pickett's previous film The Skyjacker (check out our review) which was mostly confined to one location, Nature takes advantage of the setting with shooting taking place in the forests of the western slope of Mount Hood and Portland, Oregon.

The first behind the scenes photos from the production suggest that Pickett and cinematographer Eric Jensch are taking full advantage of the beautiful, lush surroundings which, in conjunction with the erotic thriller angle, are sure to make for interesting viewing.

Photos, including a few mock-up posters, available at Robin Trains' website; he worked on the project as assistant cameraman.

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kurt (12 years ago) Reply



loci (12 years ago) Reply

Let me guess.
After a few close calls with death, a bored couple manage to kick the face off a bad man, which in turn brings them closer together and enjoy each other again.
(for about 3 months anyway)


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

"Really, what could be better than a week in nature with nothing but each other to keep you entertained?"

I dunno, but we all know what happened in "Antichrist."


Marina (12 years ago) Reply

If what happened in "Antichrist" also happens here, we're in for a helluva ride!


hacking (10 years ago) Reply

I dont really know about this movie.


cudaj2 (10 years ago) Reply

If this takes place in Oregon the girl better have hair under her arms!

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