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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.02.09] movie trailer news horror thriller

About a year ago we showed you a promo trailer for a film called The Reeds. It looked like it had a cool idea going for it and some interesting photography but we honestly never thought it would get turned into a feature film. But, lo and behold, what does Altadena Films provide us with today, but the completed trailer for Nick Cohen's new feature length shocker, The Reeds.

The film looks to blend a ghost story with the new hoodie-horror trend that's rocking England right now. Personally I think it looks extremely well done, and not like just another cheapo horror film debuting at AFM this year.

A boating party gets lost in the ancient waterways of the Norfolk Broads and finds itself victim of a terrifying secret hidden in The Reeds.

Trailer for The Reeds after the break.

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witchman (11 years ago) Reply

my interest is peaked, what a difference from the sales promo a while back.


rek (11 years ago) Reply

My interest was piqued but then it turned into "carefree teenagers stranded, isolated, then killed by creepy countryfolk".

And then I saw the Papyrus typeface again. I get that the movie is called The Reeds, and papyrus is a reed, but that typeface needs to die.


agentorange (11 years ago) Reply


That's what I thought too, but I think the "creepy countryfolk" are actually ghosts. Could be wrong though, as it's not totally clear in the trailer. Could also be "creepy country folk" pretending to be ghosts.


Skinstripper (11 years ago) Reply

What it looks like is the creepy old countryguy killed a bunch of kids, trapped them and tortured them, and they're coming back for revenge on either: A. Older folks or B. anyone who shows up at night...etc. Sounds tired. I love English horror, but we'll have to see. Don't blame the ghosts, they're just acting out because they were tortured and killed. You have to kill the old man to free their tortured souls...blah blah blah. Audio sounds a little tinny, and the cinematography looks ok, not too independent looking, so I guess I'll have to catch it and see what I think.

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