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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.02.09] movie trailer news horror fantasy

Earlier in the year we posted a teaser trailer for Adelle, a little thriller from Andy Davis, the man behind the post apocalyptic zombie film 2. It’s the story of Adelle, a young deaf girl who is abandoned by her parents in the middle of nowhere only to end up in the midst of a nightmarish adventure.

The film stars Madeline McNulty as the wide eyed little girl who follows a white rabbit (in reality a man in a freakishly creepy bunny suit) into a world reminiscent of a traveling sideshow and populated by individuals even stranger and creepier than the white rabbit (hard to believe but true!).

There's a new full length trailer for the film which provides a little additional footage but what I can't quite figure out is what part of this story is actually happening and what is part of Adelle's imagination (one thing is for certain: children can be creative little beasts). The comparisons to Alice in Wonderland are obvious but what caught my attention is how some of the images are reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s Tideland and if McNulty manages a performance anywhere near Jodelle Ferland’s, (the trailer certainly suggest she has a similar intensity) we’re in for a treat.

Trailer after the break.

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