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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.05.09] movie news horror action gallery

I swear, Paul Sloan is the hardest working writer / actor in the genre biz right now. His post-apocalyptic noir, The Last City (once "Tribes of October"), is in production, his dark scifi mystery horror, SIPHON (review) continues to garner interest from major studios and awesome directors and his next film, the jungle horror, King of Vampires, is officially going strong with some creature testing and pre-viz work happening as we speak.

He's also a mad tweeter and has dropped some art for us to take a look at. He's also promised that as soon as the glut of AFM stuff ends, he'll hook us all up with some interesting deets on the project.

An heiress enlists mercenaries to search the Cambodian jungle for her long lost brother. The journey down river turns bloody; the jungle is haunted by a savage barbarian warlord, who is rumored to be Lord Of The Undead: King Of Vampires.

Take a look at the two pieces of early art after the break.

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