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quietearth [Celluloid 11.05.09] post apocalyptic movie news western

We first reported on this in September, and now word is that Gunslinger will be shooting early next year. Directed by Chris Nahon (Blood: The Last Vampire), the film has a $16 million budget and has already been pre-sold to a few countries. Josh Hartnett will star, and while we have yet to see his more recent fare, I'm looking forward to this. Question is, who wrote the script? And who allowed the horrendous poster to the right?

In 2012 the world economy collapses.

In 2014 all first world governments crumble.

In 2015 the power and lights go out.

2018, Wisconsin, USA. Communities live in fear, protected by paid gunmen. We cut to Jake (former engineer) now hunting for food to feed his family. He sees smoke in the distance and realises that it is
his home. A gang, led by the psychopath Brody, has attacked and murdered his family.

Seeking revenge, he enlists his ex-military brother ‘Sev’ (Josh Hartnett) to track and hunt the killers.

A series of snowmobile chases, shootings and deaths lead us to a climatic showdown in a nearby town. Jake and Sev must take on the whole town in a big finale shootout, aided by local barmaid 'Kate' (Anna Anissimova)

via screendaily

UPDATE: Thanks to a resourceful commenter, we now have a much less crappy poster for you after the break.

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Murdoch (9 years ago) Reply

For sure this poster is crappy since it is not the good one man. Check out this link my friend and rewrite your article.Thanks.


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

I like Hartnett. He's like a suaver, cooler Ashton Kutcher.


Skinstripper (9 years ago) Reply

I choked on my breakfast with I read the Ashton Kutcher thing. Nice.

On another point...snowmobiles? Hmmm, I'm writing a post-apocalyptic film, and I'm thinking "what is my script missing?". Aha! Snowmobiles!

I laugh all the way to the bank.


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

josh hartnett, clean-shaven, waving guns around...recipe for a fan-gasm right there!

can't wait for this to come out!

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