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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.06.09] post apocalyptic movie news dvd

Come February 26, some lucky German PA fans will have the opportunity to pick up a limited run 3-disc special edition box of Carriers (trailer). Of course, we here in Region 1 land can sneak some out of the country through a little thing called internet shopping. Personally, I order a lot of films from overseas because while countries like England and Germany get theatrical releases later than us, they get DVDs way early.

So what does this oddly unexpected mega-release feature to make it worthy of an Amazon purchase? Well, besides the regular cast interviews, featurettes and B-roll goodies, this set features a 215 minute documentary called "Epidemics of the 21st Century." Will it be in English or German is the question. The set also includes an official Carriers "epidemic survival kit" including gloves, face mask and what have you.

The DVD is anamorphic, comes in both English and German spoken language with all kinds of subtitles so no need to worry about having to learn German.

No pre-order link available yet PA fans, so just keep your eyes peeled until February.

UPDATE: We've been told by Spendid Film that the Discover documentary, "Epidemics of the 21st Century," will be in both English and German.

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