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This weeks picks start off with one of the greatest post apocalyptic (not to mention scifi) films of all time, Logan's Run (amazon). That's right, it's dropping on blu-ray.

Next off we have a locally made fantasy Ink (amazon) which is supposed to be fantastic. Unfortunately I haven't seen it yet but I plan to remedy that soon. Then we have Yam Laranas's redux of his own film, The Echo (amazon), a sort of supernatural horror which I've seen and I have to say it's great, at least till the ending.

Then we have some Mexican arthouse fare which did quite well on the festival circuit and is finally seeing a R1 release. Called Lake Tahoe (amazon), it's about a teenager and the strange going-ons in his small town.

Now for the Japanese and Takashi Miike fans, there's a special edition of Zebraman (amazon) dropping. Third grade teacher does superhero.

Marina's picks

First off, Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (amazon). Second is the German heavy metal documentary Full Metal Village (amazon). Third is vampire cult fave Near Dark (amazon) which is finally seeing a dvd re-issue. Lastly, we have the Mississippi Delta drama Ballast (amazon) which premiered at Sundance last year and went on to play some of the top film festivals.

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agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Near Dark is one of my favorite movies, but that new "Twilight" wannabe cover art is absolutely repulsive. Thank god I already have a 2-disc edition of this.

Logan's Run? Brilliant!

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