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quietearth [Celluloid 11.14.09] movie news horror comedy gallery

While I fell in love with this poster when news popped up on this film months ago, we decided not to report anything as it was all over the place. And finally.. I get to because the first stills just dropped! A horror comedy (horcom), All About Evil stars Natasha Lyonne (American Pie among many many other films) and Thomas Dekker.

All About Evil is a wicked black comedy set in the world of a horror movie about a mousy librarian (Lyonne) who inherits her father's beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business, she discovers her inner serial killer - and a legion of rabid gore fans - when she starts turning out a series of grisly shorts. What her fans don't realize yet is that the murders in the movies are all too real!

Stills after the break.

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