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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.18.09] Italy trailer news

I’m not too familiar with Italian director Ivano De Matteo's previous work but his second feature, ironically titled The Beautiful People (La Bella Gente), looks like a step up from his debut.

The film centers on a well to do couple who pick-up and essentially adopt a young woman, a Ukranian prostitute, from the side of the road. They take her home, try to re-habilitate her but things go sideways when the couple's son returns home and becomes infatuated with the young woman. The film then turns from a fairy tale rescue to a morality tale which forces us to question good intentions and the cost individuals are willing to pay to "do the right thing."

The first trailer for the film, which is currently playing the Festa Mobile sidebar of the Turin Film Festival, looks gorgeous and though it doesn't say much of the story, it certainly sets up the morality aspect of the story.

Trailer after the break.

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yerel haber (12 years ago) Reply

i know this movie ...this is perfect thx

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