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quietearth [DVD News 11.18.09] news dvd music action drama fantasy mystery experimental

If you dig experimental film, I'd highly recommend checking this out. One of my personal favorite flicks of this years (we first reported on this back in July), Sage's Psychotropica combines some great music, his hypnotic voice, and 80s style graphics to make something wholly unique. I've fallen asleep to this film at least 10 times, the music is simply that good.

A confused and tormented young man (known only as "The Patient") must relive painful dreams and nightmares on a daily basis. The Patient's "treatment" is overseen by a mysterious and sadistic doctor who is not only tormenting the young man with the contents of his own mind, but is also testing a mind expanding drug on him called "Psychotropica". As the Patient continues to dive deeper and deeper into the wilds of his subconscious mindscape he comes to realize many horrible truths about his past, present and future.

You can buy the dvd here for $20.00.

And you can watch the trailer after the break!

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