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The last few years has seen a rise in films based on Inuit legends. It all started with Zacharias Kunuk’s much praised The Fast Runner which was followed up with a number of others films (including the beautiful The Journals of Knud Rasmussen which, though based on a true story rather than a legend, beautifully captured Inuit life). Now comes what appears to be the first animated film based on an Inuit legend.

Directed by Nancy Savard, Sarila is the story of three Inuit children on a journey to save their clan. It takes place in an Inuit encampment threatened by famine. The tribe's shaman can't find a solution to the lack of food but the tribe's wise woman recalls the legend of Sarila, a land hidden amongst the glaciers which is said to be plentiful but only open to those of pure heart; enter the children who are chosen to find the promised land and in the process, save their entire clan.

The film is currently in production but we've tracked down a teaser for the project which hints at a very pretty film. Canadian animation? Yes please!

Teaser after the break.

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