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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.25.09] movie news

#1 New poster for Daniel Calparsoro's "Circus"

We'd previous brought you a detailed description of Daniel Calparsoro's film which essentially sees an American family stranded in the middle of the desert with a circus of crazies. The good folks at BD have uncovered a new poster for the film. It's pretty spiffy!

#2 Richard Matheson's "Real Steel" coming to the big screen

Not sure how I feel about news that Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy is at the helm of this project but the story of a "father and son action drama set in the near future, surrounding the sport of robot boxing" sounds promising, as does the tidbit that Hugh Jackman is in talks to star in the production. At the very least we know the special effects will look good. [via Sci-Fi Wire]

#3 First look at Frank Beddor's "The Looking Glass Wars" concept art

Jack of all trades Frank Beddor is at it again. Aside from producing and acting, he’s also the man behind a fantasy series titled "The Looking Glass Wars" which is based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass." The first novel in the trilogy is currently in production and artist Stephan Martiniere has provided a glimpse at some of the concept art for the film. If these images are anything to go by, I'm needing to read this series ASAP. [via /Film]

#4 Carl Potts' "Alien Legion" being adapted by Disney

Military sci-fi comic "Alien Legion" has been optioned by the people at Disney in hopes of churning out another money-making franchise. It's a cool concept, explained by Potts as "the Foreign Legion in space," from a comic book I've never heard of but which is apparently well loved. Personally, I'd rather see a return of cowboys in space. [via Cinematical]

#5 "The Last Days of American Crime" headed to theatres

Rick Remender's three part miniseries published by Radical is about to get the big screen treatment. The story is essentially a heist set in near-future America prior to the government's roll out of a mind control technology that will prevent the population from committing crimes. Remender recently revealed to the folks at Mania that Sam Worthington (a hot ticket actor at the moment) has signed on for the lead role of Kevin Cash, a safecracker who is brought on for one last heist before the new technology rolls out.

Heist films aren't really my cup of tea but who can argue with a futuristic America? Add in the comic book previews which set this up as a gritty and violent future and I’m game.

#6 "Forbidden Planet" reboot in the works?

Apparently so. "Babylon 5" creator J. Michael Straczynski recently divulged to Sci-Fi Wire that he was working on a faithful adaptation of the classic film. Question now is, can Straczynski keep enough of a handle on the production to avoid a studio turning it into an action blockbuster?

#7 "Zombieland" sequel, in 3D?

The 3D trend needs to end, like yesterday. Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer has been talking about following up his movie with more zombie killing action and that the genre would do well in 3D. Really? Killing zombies will actually be improved if the audience experiences it in 3D? Fleischer can argue that all he likes but we all know the real reason the industry is moving into this market is to try and curb piracy. Meh. [via Moviehole]

#8 Francis Lawrence directing "In the Small"

Now this sounds like a cool concept. Michael Hague's graphic novel "In the Small" tells the story of a mysterious explosion which shrinks all human beings to six inches tall but leaves everything else as is. Definitely an awesome concept and a great world for exploring humanity and how we deal with the fact that we can now be crushed by a pet. I Al Legend director Francis Lawrence has signed on the dotted line to take the helm of this adaptation.

Hope he doesn't squander it away like he did Matheson's work. I Al Legend may have looked nice but it totally missed the boat on what Metheson's story was getting at. [via Pajiba]

#9 Carl Erik Rinsch to direct "47 Ronin"

Looks like the Keanu Reeves starring period samurai tale 47 Ronin has found its director in Carl Erik Rinsch. The commercial director has been on the Hollywood radar for some time, he was initially rumoured to be directing the Alien prequel, but rather than space he'll be travelling back to 18th century Japan. [via Variety]

#10 "The Mortal Instruments" headed for theatres

Cassandra Clare's fantasy trilogy "The Mortal Instruments" which tells the story of a young girl in search of her mother in a city full of fantastical creatures (from fairies to demons), is headed for the big screen care of the folks at Unique Features and Constantin Film.

An attempt to cash in on the best sellers and the teen market? For sure but Clare’s story is actually quite compelling and under the right guidance, could lead to an excellent franchise. [via Variety]

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brett (12 years ago) Reply

I loved Beddor's Looking Glass Wars trilogy and the Hatter M graphic novels. They are for teens so they make an incredibly light read especially following novels like Abe's Boxman. I hope the movies are well done because they have the potential to be the best reimagining of Wonderland done to date.


Marina (12 years ago) Reply

A recommendation to go with the wicked images? I'm definitely putting this on my Christmas wish lish. Thanks Brett.


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

If The Looking Glass Wars causes a stir, I can only hope it means that Dark OZ will also get off the ground. They seem very similar in tone.

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