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quietearth [Celluloid 11.30.09] movie trailer news comedy thriller fantasy noir

There's a few Alice in Wonderland adaptations in the works right now, and honestly the likes of Burtons version really don't interest me. What does? Malice in Wonderland and this hitherto unknown diddy called ECiLA. I'm really digging it's colorful style. Is this the next Hobo With a Shotgun?

The once beloved city of BOCENO, known for it's Persian Mafia and it's drug epidemic is under the microscope of it's couterpart city BELCAPO.

After all Belcapo citzens including the press are requested to leave the city for their own saftey. One reporter stands above them all, ECiLA. The headliner of her story is an oldman on the pink moped(the hunted rabbit), believed to be the runner of the drug "LOVE" and collector of MR. G's(Leader of the Persian crime family) debts in the city. ECiLA finds herself meeting a "wonderland" of characters though her journey. Will ECiLA get the story that no other reporter has the courage to??? Watch it and find out.

Two trailers after the break!

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Marina (12 years ago) Reply

It amazes me that people are still finding new ways to re-envision Alice. What's even more impressive is that is looks like wicked fun!


Dan (12 years ago) Reply

Check out this version of Alice in Wonderland:

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notinventedhere (6 years ago) Reply

It's up on Vimeo

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