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quietearth [Celluloid 11.30.09] movie news horror gallery

Writer Paul Sloan just dropped us some sweet looking screen grabs from a creature test-shoot done for the upcoming jungle horror, King of Vampires.

Sloan tells us that the creature was created by make up and fx artist Todd Masters with a the specific aim of showing that this vamp is "not a romanticized creature, but a giant savage who lives in remote jungles and caves, like a cross between Tarzan and Kurtz from Apocalypse Now."

An heiress enlists mercenaries to search the Cambodian jungle for her long lost brother. The journey down river turns bloody; the jungle is haunted by a savage barbarian warlord, who is rumored to be Lord Of The Undead: King Of Vampires.

King of Vampires is shaping up to be a great sounding project with just the right hint of all our favorite genre flavours. With any luck we'll have some more concrete info on it for you soon.

Images after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Looking good. Nice and dark stylie!


witchman (12 years ago) Reply

"a cross between Tarzan and Kurtz" eh? Nice combo, i look forward to seeing more.

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