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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.03.09] post apocalyptic movie news video

This is a Russian demo teaser that was put together with the intentions of raising funding for a bigger project, either mini series or feature film.

The story takes place in Russia during nuclear winter following the aftermath of World War 3. The name of this segment is "Third, Last," a title we assume is referring to the third and last war.

The main characters are three Russian soldiers who have survived a nuclear strike because they were in a storage bunker. Now they're living the "good life," using the remains of civilization for fun. They have a ton of supplies, they drive cool cars over the empty land and just basically scavenging around. They are just being slackers, doing nothing and having the odd philosophical discussions about fate and human nature.

When they discover a mysterious radio signal they decide to travel to find the source and maybe possible survivors.

I'm pretty sure the makers of this clip were trying to go for a different approach to the apocalypse. It's not fatalistic, or something desperate and gloomy like "The Road,"but rather a normal approach to depicting what survivors might be like in a post-apocalypse and how people can just sort of get used to it.

Of course non of us have any idea what these characters are saying, so we could be completely missing the point.

You can watch the 10 minute reel after the break. There's a lot of talking, but there is some action too, which starts at around the halfway point.

Big thanks to pokerface for passing this along.

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Pokerface (12 years ago) Reply

You welcome. Here is translation of one of the dialogs that may indicate the quality of the writing. It starts at mark 3:18.

- Especially after the catastrophe, a man is trying to live for others as well.
He's got lucky, he survived, but his neighbor died. So the man is trying to live for him too, like he wants to prove to somebody that he didn't survive for nothing.

- Are you talking about fate or luck?

- The fate was good to him, so the man is thinking it's a sign, that he needs to change his life.

- But his human nature didn't change. If he was lazy, if he was obese, he won't start working three times as harder or loosing weight.

- I think he will, at first, because the emotions are still strong.

- One month, top. But when the man survives in different way, say he was in captivity or slavery and ran away, then I think the person will change. Because it wasn't nature or random accident, it was human to blame.
It's like this man is thinking "I could've died, but that asshole responsible for my death will continue to live. So where is the justice?"
But the man don't think like that when facing his death, so he doesn't make any promises to himself.

That's one example. They also just joking around, so it sometimes pretty funny.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

love the guy throwing nades to distract the wolf/huskey. awesme ;)
this seems real gd. gd camera work+sets+costumes+props.


Phoebe (12 years ago) Reply

Looks good so far. I'd watch it.


Dmitry K (12 years ago) Reply

that is my demo teaser,
at last i made a subs.
thanks for your coments!

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