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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.03.09] post apocalyptic zombies movie news short

Directors Matt Simpson and Joseph Luke Avery have just given us a look at their entire 17 minute zombie short, Plague. The film has been gaining some great attention since we posted the teaser trailer back in September and was officially selected for many fests including the NYC Horrorfestival and The Revenant film festival in Seattle.

When writing the script for Plague, Matt Simpson really wanted to develop a story that didn't follow the usual scenario of an unlikely group of people coming together and bonding amidst the chaos. "I really liked the idea of using a Refugee character, somebody outside of society," he told Revenant Magazine. And so, Plague follows Vilhelm, an illegal migrant and gun runner, who is trying to make a new beginning. When he arrives in London, The dead rise and consume the living. But, can Vilhelm escape the bloodbath?

We're really stoked to be able to support Simpson and Avery and think they've got some real talent.

Watch the short horror film, Plague, in it's entirety after the break.

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witchman (12 years ago) Reply

nice work guys, love the Tarkovsky vibe.


James Cole (12 years ago) Reply

Fantastic film. Great work guys. I'd love to see it available on DVD or BluRay.


Phoebe (12 years ago) Reply

Wow, that was surprisingly good! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.


Matt Simpson (12 years ago) Reply

Hey Guys, thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed it.

James there was a limited run of dvds in both NTSC and PAL,
drop me a mail if you or anbody would like to own one,, they are nicely pressed and come in a flashy slim case! ill do them at cost, which is about 8 usd, thanks again.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Well done, guys. Love the ambience and can't wait to see your next work.


(10 years ago) Reply

its scray and im 10


Mirko di Wallenberg (12 years ago) Reply

Very, very well done! The actor playing the main character is superb in portraying his fears! The shock effects are very convincing especially when the zombie is shot in the head! Bravo! Now a full movie!


luca (12 years ago) Reply

it was screened at science+fiction - international film festival that take place every year in Trieste (Italy). it looks amazing!!!!!


rob (12 years ago) Reply

I really liked the character build. dialog always makes a film better, even if it s self dialog, it really draws you deeper into the story. flashy effects only hold a movie if it has great writing and plot. I dont believe this was very original but a still great film that can stand on its own.


Eric VT (12 years ago) Reply

Outstanding one of the best if not the best Zombie shorts ever, Loved it. Great Work keep it up.


Ken (12 years ago) Reply

That was really sick dude! I loved it and they didnt get dinner at the end! I loved the way he looked at the other zeds as he was above them. Sick the sctoe was great loved it!


ghastlygirl (10 years ago) Reply

its scary but good,im 22

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