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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.08.09] movie apocalyptic news scifi

Brian Trenchard-Smith (Escape 2000) is an Ozploitation legend, so I'm definitely stoked to see he's taking on the disaster genre with Arctic Blast. Currently in post-production, the film is based on a script by Jason Bourque.

When a solar eclipse sends a colossal blast of super chilled air towards the earth, it sets off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice!

JACK TATE is a brilliant yet troubled physicist specializing in Earth Sciences. Complicating his life is a messy divorce from the local medical examiner EMMA (Alexandra Davies) and a strained relationship with his teenaged daughter ANDREA (Indiana Evans). When Jack learns about the bizarre deaths of his colleagues, he sets off to discover the cause. By piecing together the chain of events: the solar eclipse, a sudden drop in temperature of the mesosphere, and a rip in the ozone layer, Jack concludes that all of these elements have combined to create the ultimate disaster--a new ICE AGE!

With part of the South Pacific in a deep freeze and a mass evacuation underway in coastal Australia and New Zealand. It must be stopped before millions more die.

Arctic Blast stars Michael Shanks, Alexandra Davies and Indiana Evans.

More as it comes folks, but take a gander at the embiggened poster after the break.

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Rook (12 years ago) Reply

Looks like global warming has lost some of its luster. Now we're back to a second ice age. And around we go....


Hal (12 years ago) Reply

In terms of frozen apocalypse Earth, I'm just crossing my fingers that The Colony get developed because that is one fine script


UncleB (12 years ago) Reply

I saw this when it was called "the Day after Tomorrow" and it sucked then.


projectcyclops (12 years ago) Reply

This kind of reminds me of the fake trailer in Tropic Thunder for the film Ben Stiller's character stars in...


rek (12 years ago) Reply

How the hell does the sun, or the moon, send a blast of chilled AIR?


Aspasia (12 years ago) Reply

Just in case you weren't sure... air is heated and cooled by the sun. I'm assuming the writers have some idea what they're talking about.


PJ (12 years ago) Reply

This should be an easy fit for Michael Shanks. I remember him from the SG-1 series and am expect only great things from his performances. Can't wait for the release.

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