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quietearth [Celluloid 12.14.09] Japan movie news action comedy martial arts

While I'm no fan of the Japanese gore-fests like Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl or Tokyo Gore Police, I know many of you are, including some of our own team like our London correspondent, Ben Austwick, so I can't overlook this news our friends at 24FPS put up. What is promised as "a martial arts action, Japanese grotesque art Gothic & Lolita explosion" will be directed by Go Ohara (“Geisha vs Ninja”). Jyun Nakajima (”Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl”) is set to produce with special effects and gore being done by Yoshihiro Nishimura (”Tokyo gore police,” “The Machine Girl,“ “Robo Geisha”).

Gothic and Lolita…the fashion reflects her dark and childish mental state. YUKI, the heroine, saw her mother killed by cruel gangs. Now she vows revenge! Knock off the enemies with her transformable umbrella. So gorgeous and so savage…Who killed mother? What the hell are the gangs? What is the truth and purpose that father knows? Her coming terrible destiny is going to littered with the dead.

More as it comes!

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