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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.16.09] post apocalyptic horror action

The zombie killing bunker dwellers behind the upcoming chaotic, micro-budget PA web-series, Deathdealers, have just passed along some teaser artwork for their labour of love. They've also told us to keep an eye out for the show soon, as they fully expect it to launch come mid-January. We'll let you know when it does and where exactly you can watch it.

When a disease sweeps the planet turning people into mindless, blood crazed shells of their former selves, refugees and survivors in the northwest find salvation in a small group of men who have banded together to protect the uninfected.

Deathdealers will take viewers on a thrill ride as they experience the fall of western civilization and realize each other can be much more terrifying than any disease could ever be.

Deathdealers stars Justin Rister, Adam Marshall, Lauren Lattin, Jamie Gurrad, Annie Bardonski and several other up and coming actors and is helmed by Christopher Eaves.

Check out the production's offical blog and Myspace for a frenetic trailer and updates.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

The dude in this was in transformers revenge of the fallen and twilight. looks kick ass! web series are where its at! No holds barred! better be epic and full of post-apocalyptic ass kicking!


Eric Relvas (12 years ago) Reply

Based on the synopsis, I immediately thought of The Walking Dead comic book. Watching others kill zombies is fun, but the way to keep people coming back to a zombie series is to build tension between the characters. Nice premise; I hope for good execution.

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