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quietearth [Film Festival 12.18.09] movie trailer news horror

"Excellent.. Absolutely the real deal.

That's a quote from our own projectcyclops who reviewed the film back in it's premier at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and even before that we brought you the exclusive teaser, and reported that this gem which we HIGHLY RECCOMEND will be hitting DVD on February 8th. We were supposed to provide the dvd art, but as it's not finalized we're going to hold off until the DVD is ready for pre-order. (Atlhough Amazon UK has it for pre-order in March)

Tony is a loner with an unhealthy obsession for action films, but that doesn't stop him trying to make friends – with, for instance, the drug dealers who hang out near his home, and the ladies who advertise their services in call boxes. Neighbors, TV license inspectors, gay cruisers and junkies are all welcome at Tony’s flat... as long as they behave themselves. But when a local child goes missing, his odd lifestyle begins to attract attention – and his secrets must surely be exposed.

Now, we've got something even better for you, an exclusive and the first violent clip of Tony in action. I wish I could share more (half our team has already seen it as we were lucky enough to get a screener), but unless you're going to be at Slamdance, you'll just have to wait for the DVD release. Trust me folks, you don't want to miss this one.

Exclusive clip and the original teaser after the break.



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John (8 years ago) Reply

Can't wait to see this, looks like a British classic to put beside 10 Rillington Place and Peeping Tom

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