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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.04.10] movie trailer horror thriller

I'm thinking there may be more than meets the eye to Richard Valentine's indie thriller, The Taken. Sure the trailer feels a lot like Saw and the poster looks even more like The Collector, but after reading the synopsis it may have more smarts than I originally expected. I've got my fingers crossed that there is a labyrinthine puzzle at work here.

Six strangers, taken against their will, wake up to find themselves prisoners of a masked psychopath. One by one the abductees are ripped from their restraints and hauled away, only to fall victim to their captor's demented experiments. But, just when they think it’s game over, they are offered a cruel chance of escape.

Now free from their confines, the remaining captives must venture out into the endless labyrinth of corridors and find a way out before the madman can bring them under his scalpel.

We've embedded the film's trailer for you after the break. The usual acting problems prevail, but there is a moody quality I really like about it. Hopefully we'll be seeing more soon.

Visit Who are the Taken for even more deets.

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wheatley_s (12 years ago) Reply

sounds like a rip off of the SAW series...


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I think most of horror filmmakers are running out of ideas, and their films can be measured only by the level of violence and amount of gore.


Corey (12 years ago) Reply

Um...Richard Valentine? The lead singer of the Electric Six is now making films?

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