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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.05.10] Turkey movie trailer news action thriller

Please excuse our lack of info on this great looking Turkish actioner from sibling directors, Caner Özyurtlu and Alper Özyurtlu, but it looks just too darn good to let a lack of synopsis hold us back. And besides, the film's trailer speaks volumes, even without English subtitles.

Like Charlie Brooker's Dead Set, EV takes place in the midst of a reality TV show similar to Big Brother. Except, instead of being overrun with the undead, this show is stopped dead by a gunman who seals the group inside reality tv hell.

If Brooker proved anything with Dead Set, it was that you can be satirical and humorous without loosing the drama and the tension of a good thriller, so here's hoping EV goes in the same direction.

So, expect some more info when it's available, but until then check out th first great looking trailer for EV after the break.

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rek (12 years ago) Reply

Looks like it could be intense.


Atilla (12 years ago) Reply

FYI ... 'Ev' means house in Turkish.

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