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quietearth [Celluloid 01.06.10] zombies movie trailer news horror action

While looking a bit cheap at points, the action and overall production does make this look like it might just be something incredible.

An experiment to cure the flu virus that goes horribly wrong. The outcome is devastating to man kind, turning humans into half living half dead beings.

Trailer after the break. via horror-movies

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wheatley_s (12 years ago) Reply

looks good, can't wait to see this.


Finriz (12 years ago) Reply

F'n a Cotton, F'n A! Pepper needs new shorts.


zeitzeuge (12 years ago) Reply

Strange it looks cheap and cool at the same time.

And C4 don`t explode through impact! *facepalm*


Michael (12 years ago) Reply

Oh wonderful another low budget zombie crapfest with only actors(if you can call them that) under the age of 30. Will this ever end?


peetar (12 years ago) Reply

These guys SERIOUSLY need a technical advisor. Pistol bullets do not come out of M4 rifle carbines. :)

Hand grenades don't shoot sparks like fireworks.

Hard core soldiers don't typically have double chins and soft looking hands. :)

Other than the obvious horrible casting and lack of attention to detail, I would probably watch it.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

agree @ michael & peetar.
but then again. i think these things..or i hope ..they are more like u kno just for fun things...i never read up on them, or godforbid even watching them but they seem to be hobby productions for fun not serious business. so whatever let them play around. they shud just try to take themselves less serious...and maybe introduce some originality.


KrikK (12 years ago) Reply

Bad acting, bad cinematography, and all the (cheap) cgi wont make up for it. A less ambitious project with more attention to details would have been WAY more interesting.


SlowZombie (12 years ago) Reply

Why fast zombies again damn it


rek (12 years ago) Reply

Cliché dialogue.

But I will watch this.

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