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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 01.12.10] Tuvalu United Kingdom post apocalyptic news

The episode,which premieres tonight in the UK is entitled "Hospital Mad Dash," but I'm too lazy to go find more details. Anyone want to do it for me and leave a comment?

Tom, Anya and Al do a mad dash around a collapsing hospital collecting supplies. Can they get out in time ?

Trailer after the break.

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Skinstripper (12 years ago) Reply

Great show, but those cg effects are fairly horrible. At least they're using debris and dust...but even on low quality youtube, they just don't look real at all.


Hussman (12 years ago) Reply

I can look past any FX issues. I like the story and the mood that's beign set


Ray (12 years ago) Reply

Is season 1 available on netflix, or anywhere else? I would love to see it.


wilcoy (12 years ago) Reply

Ray, season 1 premieres here in the States Feb.15th on bbc america.


wilcoy (12 years ago) Reply

Quietearth I got your back. Here is the synopsis of tonights episode 1 season 2 posted at bb1 UK...

Ninety-nine per cent of the population are dead, Abby has been kidnapped and Greg lies badly wounded - can things get any worse for the Family?

Greg has been shot, and Abby abducted by masked men from a secret laboratory. Anya realises that they will need medical equipment to save Greg's life and she leads Al and Tom into a hospital, where they face both the threat of disease from long-dead bodies and a raging fire.

During their search the building collapses, burying Al and Anya under the rubble. As Tom mounts a rescue attempt with Sarah and Naj, Greg lies perilously close to death.

Elsewhere, Abby finds herself a prisoner of Whitaker, the obsessive leader of the Laboratory scientists. They have all escaped infection and hope to synthesize a vaccine from her blood, but none are aware Whittaker has secrets of his own.

In the city, the Family realise they will need the help of other Survivors if they are to rescue their friends...


donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

I'm going to keep an open mind. The CG just dosen't bug me, I have a number of questions and have spotted one large plot hole, in any major break down hospitals will be the first places cleaned out that one looks pretty well stocked (yes I know it's a TV series but that screams out at me) that issue may be answered in season one. Thanks for the break down Wilcoy


Joanne (12 years ago) Reply

I, too, thought the hospital scenario was strange. Why would the people want to burn it up before taking all the instruments, equipment and useable drugs?

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