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quietearth [Celluloid 01.17.10] trailer news short scifi giallo

Still no plot info, but this new teaser now features some sweet blade runner-esque scifi shots along with some tron effects. I'm loving it! Watch the first teaser here.

Teaser after the break.

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celluloid bacon (12 years ago) Reply

Why is Quiet Earth pushing this film - it was only a few days ago that the mentioned the first version of the teaser trailer! This teaser looks even worse than the last! A couple of the scenes look very cheap and nasty! I might be missing something here but this film doesn't look like it should need two mentions in less than a couple of days!


Skinstripper (12 years ago) Reply

Certain production companies work with quiet earth in regards to cross-marketing, etc. They help each other out in certain ways, and that goes to giving favorable reviews and pushing certain projects. Fact of the business, and definitely a fact here. It doesn't discount at all the website, as they still get some great stuff out there to people who wouldn't otherwise find them.


dahmsey (12 years ago) Reply

Seems to me it's all about content. This site does a great job of serving up information on genre movies I would otherwise never hear about, whether they turn out to be good or not. Having said that, Yellow Future seems to be low budget and original. Is that not where modern gems of storytelling are to found?


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Just to clarify what Skinstripper says above:

Yes, we often work with writers, directors and producers to gather news on projects, and yes those projects benefit from the exposure, but we would NEVER give a film a positive review if we didn't truly believe it deserved it and we would NEVER push a film that we didn't think looked interesting for one reason or another.

Obviously readers won't always agree with us about everything and that's cool. Heck, there are a lot of films that the team doesn't see eye to eye on at all, but in my opinion that's what makes QE's content interesting.

In defense of Yellow Future, I think there's something fascinatingly macabre about it and I like the grainy textures and weird special FX. Will it work as a film experience? Who knows, but I look forward to seeing the film to find out.


FALLEN101 (12 years ago) Reply

I just have to say in Quiet Earth's defense that, although I've only been visiting the site for a year now, it has given me quite a few heads up that I wouldn't have even known about until they were already in theaters or out on DVD, if they even got a theater run or a DVD release. Also the reviews on this site are about 85% accurate in my experience and if they push something, it generally turns out to be a good movie, with a few minor exceptions.

I think that Yellow Future looks to be quite interesting. The oldschool grainy-grindhouse feel it quite nice, I've always enjoyed it, and anything that's halfway cyberpunk or Bladerunner-esque, I watch, even if they do turn out horrible so I'm glad that Quiet Earth is covering this in as much depth. Sure it's not for everyone, but I'm certainly interested.

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