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Christopher Webster [DVD News 02.02.10] movie news dvd

It's another great week for home video releases with a number of the years best scifi and horror pics finally hitting DVD and Blu-ray.

First up is the genuinely funny and heartwarming (two words not usually associated with the zombie genre I know, but it's true) Zombieland (review, amazon). Another zombie film hitting this week is the black and white indie feature, Biophage (trailer, amazon).

Also out this week is Ti Wests much talked about 80s throwback House of the Devil (review, amazon). As per the retro nature of the film, they're bundling this one as a DVD/VHS two-fer in some stores which is just way too hard to pass up.

We're also getting the R1 DVD and bly-ray release of Christopher Smith's supernatural mindbender of a thriller, Triangle (review, amazon). This is one I'm particularly excited about.

And of course the Universal Soldier franchise officially gets rebooted with the John Hyam's direct to video Universal Soldier: Regeneration (trailer, amazon). This third part to the scifi action series re-united JCVD and Dolph Lundgren and it's been getting decent reviews so I'll be checking it out.

Tony Jaa's explosive martial arts sequel, Ong Bak 2 (trailer, amazon) also shelves this week on 2-disc special edition.

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William Gutheil (11 years ago) Reply

Bit of a typo here:

The House of The Devil* not dead

which I'll be sure to get out and pick up. thank God i still have my VCR.


JackCrow (11 years ago) Reply

Universal Soldier: Regeneration, POSSIBLE SPOILER: despite empty plot, and improbabilities, I find it a really good moie, I enjoyed very much.
Sure it is riddled with holes, but it is pure action, sorta like Black hawk down, but vanilla like, but still ok.
JCVD pulled it ok, he made an even bigger impression here in this part on me than previously, really worth a watch, if you forget everything you know about the radiation.

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