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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.16.10] movie trailer news scifi animation fantasy

"This is like a psychedelic Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology." -- 18 Days creator, Grant Morrison

18 Days is a new CGI version of the Mahbharata coming from Invisibles writer Grant Morrison. It is set in a fantastic, mythic time at the end of the Copper Age and the beginning of the fallen and corrupt Age of Iron. With its blend of classic Hindu fantasy and hard-tech, it's got a pretty sweet Heavy Metal vibe that has me wanting to see more.

This teaser trailer isn't terribly new (I think it was put together to promote the project back in the summer), but with the project's end date of spring 2010 right around the corner we expect to see more from 18 Days soon.

Check out the teaser after the break.

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Klaw (10 years ago) Reply

Robert E. Howard on crack. I'm on board.


Comraderoid (7 years ago) Reply

Video pulled for alledged copyright infringement.

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