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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.26.10] post apocalyptic movie trailer news comedy cult

What can I say, it's been a slow couple of days...

The apocalypse isn't always doom and gloom. Comedy has wormed its way into many a post-apocalyptic flick with varying results. Connon Films' America 3000, for example, has long been lost to that great VHS discount bin in the sky and I don't forsee it coming to Blu-ray anytime soon. Perhaps this is for the best, however, dumb as it is, I'm not embarrassed to say it's kind of a blast to watch every now and then.

In Colorado, 900 years after a nuclear war in the USA, the mankind is back to the stone ages. Amazons are ruling the tribes, the men are dumb, either kept as slaves and couplers or are living wild as animals. Only Korvis and a friend are intelligent enough to flee and found a tribe of their own. Will they manage to teach the women love to men again?

Speaking of PA comedies makes me really hope that Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse actually happens before the world tires of Seth Rogan.

What do you think? Is there room in the PA cannon for comedy? What are some of your favorite post-apocalyptic sillies?

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mono (12 years ago) Reply

I've always liked America 3000. It's hard to watch it as a serious film, but for a low-budget derivitive it has a surprisingly fresh take on a lot of ideas.

For post-apocalyptic comedy though, it's always going to be The Bed-Sitting Room for me.


Phoebe (12 years ago) Reply

I really like the movie "Superstarlet A.D."


chuck (12 years ago) Reply

The Bed-Sitting Room! A Boy and His Dog has its comedic elements. I've wanted to revisit the early Fox series Oops. Of course Tank Girl. Wizards?


Purvis (12 years ago) Reply

Land Of Doom by Peter Maris strikes me as being quite (unintentionally?) humorous.


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Love Land of Doom! The whole thing is here:


Lenman_99 (12 years ago) Reply

Cherry 2000! Classic PA comedy.

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