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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.26.10] movie trailer news short scifi thriller drama

Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) has brought together five of their heaviest hitters to direct films that explore and take the most popular genres of filmmaking - drama, action, animation, sci-fi and thriller - to all new territories. Called "Parallel Line," the films are helmed by Jake Scott, Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, and Hi-Sim and were shot on location in Uruguay, London, Moscow, China and South Africa.

The films are titled Darkroom, The Hunt, The Gift, Jun & the Hidden Skies and El Secreto de Mateo and you can find a glimpse of each after the break.

The films will be released on April 8th 2010.

Teaser trailer (via: /Film) after the break. And yeah, the whole Philips framing device is basically product placement hell. I guess it's not enough to just say "presented by" anymore.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

what's so groundbreaking?

very well made commercials. a little longer than usual but still commercials.

don't by into the Philips pr bs.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

well from this little teaser all or most of the clips seem to be quite imaginitive and edgy...its a more interesting approach to advertising at least.

then again there's a lot of money involved when phillips is havin ridley scotts agency doin their work.

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