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Christopher Webster [DVD News 03.03.10] movie news dvd horror action gallery

The great Miguel Ferrer (Robocop, Twin Peaks) stars in this completely wild looking biker flick that's right out of the 42nd street grindhouses. It's called Hard Ride to Hell and it's apparently hitting DVD sometime in May.

A lonely stretch of Texas desert highway leads a group of campers on a one-way ride to hell after witnessing an obscene blood sacrifice. Now, with a group of biking devil worshipers on their tail, they are pawns in an ancient battle between good and evil. Pursued to a decrepit old church in a ghost town, the campers fall victim to a new hell - a strange young boy harboring a terrifying secret and a priest with a terrifyingly divine mission of his own.

This may seem like territory that's a little unlike us, but seriously, check out the insane images (via: AITH) and you'll see why I'm intrigued. This film looks like an orgy of mohawked motorcycle mayhem!

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pat (12 years ago) Reply

this sounds and looks a lot like rob zombie's tyrannosauruss rex movie... maybe this is a fake title? the movie is supposed to be based on a comic zombie did with steve niles called 'THE NAIL', about a guy whos an ex wrestler and he has to protect his family from a satanic biker gang. the guys wrestling name is tyranosaurus rex


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Hmmm, good call Pat. We followed T-Rex for a while last year and you're right, it does sound very farmiliar.


JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

Does not beat this:



Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

meh, not relevant to my interests

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