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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.10.10] movie news book fantasy

One of the most intriguing science fiction projects of last year was Pater Sparrow's 1 (review). An ambitious, satirical and maddeningly cerebral adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's seminal Polish essay, 1 is up there with the best scifi works about the nature of reality ever made and I hope many of you out there will get a chance to see it for yourselves.

For those wanting to know what Sparrow's got up his sleeve for us next we've got some sweet news. We've just received information from a very reliable source that Sparrow will be adapting Boris Vian's "Heartsnatcher" ("L'Arrache-Coeur").

The last novel Vian completed before his death in 1959, "Heartsnatcher" is a dark story which takes place in an unknown, original and wonderful environment on an island where a society lives by its bizarre conventions. Old people are auctioned off like slaves, villagers stone the vicar to produce rain and stallions are crucified for "falling into sin." An absent-minded psychiatrist arrives here, who is set to analyze people and change them."

I haven't read the novel myself, but it sounds like a fantastic and surreal parable in the vein of Jodorowsky or Terry Gilliam and exactly what I would expect to come from Sparrow.

As soon as we get more information on the project we'll let you know.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply


Category: feature film


director – pater sparrow
producer – sípos gábor
production house – laokoon film

>Heartsnatcher, though less playfully animated, is Vian's most mature work, the shadow of his lifelong knowledge that his heart could stop at any moment cast over every page. Set in a phantasmagoric small town where the old are auctioned off and the congregation assaults the priest, Heartsnatcher follows the mounting obsessions of Clementine, a mother of three--twins Noel and Joel and a third, Alfa Romeo - who loathes her husband for putting her through the rigors of birth. Clementine grows more and more overly protective as her children age, and though town psychiatrist Timortis tries to assuage her neurosis, she ends up going to extremes to shield her offspring like animals eating their young - to put them back - eventually imprisoning them in cages.


perkules (11 years ago) Reply

Great news!!! I saw "1" a few days ago at a local SF fest ( It was a stunning experience. The metafictional narrative worked wonderfully. Really looking forward for "heartsnatcher"...

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