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quietearth [Celluloid 03.11.10] Spain movie news scifi drama gallery

A while back we posted a promo reel for a futuristic coming of ager about an android girl which looked nothing short of stunning. Unfortunately we were asked to remove the reel a few months after (but if you search on google you can still find it), and now we have the first stills. While they're nothing special, it's something as we're greatly looking forward to this scifi drama.

Near future where mechanical creatures live among humans. Eve, a 10 years old girl, falls into a state of amnesia after being the only witness of a tragical accident in which her mother dies. Helped by Alex, a talented engineer, Eve will enter the magical world of robotics and will try to find her identity. Together, Eve and Alex will uncover their past on a fantastic journey that will lead them to an astonishing ending.

Stills after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply



JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

there is an eighth one:


at the official site.

Here is a site with some other info, and one more pic:

There was a casting recently:

followed up by an article:


Lotus Eater (12 years ago) Reply

Ill buy one...

So long as it obeys the 3 laws I wont try to kill it with a stick.

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